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Cooking Spoon


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It's like a wooden spoon... but subtly so much better! It just does everything perfectly. My new go-to gift!

Wooden Cooking Spoon

Our new Cooking Spoon is here! It is your grandma's wooden spoon but improved in many ways. Yes... that is possible! The gentle curves allow for smooth and precise scooping, making it ideal for almost any dish. The long oval handle is tough enough to handle any batter. Pair this with our new Scraper Spoon for the best set of wood spoons ever. Not over exaggerating. 

[Music] Hey guys this is Brad from Earlywood here. I am really excited about this spoon and I know a bunch of our customers are going to be as well. For years, people have said why don't you make a regular old spoon. But, we don't like to make stuff just because other people make the same thing. This is our cooking spoon as we're calling it. But it's a little more than just your regular cooking spoon. One of the most interesting things about these is the asymmetrical shape here at the top. You see we've got one radius here and we've got a tighter radius here. So this will allow you depending on what kind of pots or what kind of bowls you're using... to match the radius on the inside of the corner of that bowl and make sure you're scooping everything out like you want to. And it makes it a lot easier to mix things up. Of course, they're made out of one solid piece of wood like everything we make. These ones are all hard maple which is a very strong wood so it's got plenty of strength, they can handle the heat. If it's thick or or thin they're perfect for that. At 13 inches long they keep your hand away from the business end, keeps you clean. You may notice that these two don't look the same. They're the same spoon but mirror images of each other. We don't want to discriminate against our left-handed chefs out there, so if you're a lefty we got you covered here. They're basically a do-it-all workhorse, we've been loving them and we know you will too. [Music]

Hand Crafted Cooking Spoon

The perfect length. The perfect bowl size. The perfect bowl shape. The most comfortable handle. Dare we say... the perfect spoon. We still stand behind our flat utensils as being a staple everyone needs in the kitchen, but many have asked over the years for a traditional cooking spoon. This design is as traditional as we get, but we definitely took it to the next level with this one.

- Hard Maple Cooking Spoon what will last generations.
- Long, rounded handle gives plenty of leverage.
- Grandma's wooden spoon but better.
- Available in right and left handed
- High family heirloom potential

You asked for it...a cooking spoon. BANG!