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the newlywood set


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Incredible set. Couldn’t be more satisfied with it. If you’re on the fence, do it, you won’t regret owning such a pretty and functional set of tools.

wooden kitchen utensils set

Looking to upgrade your cooking tools while adding major counter appeal to your kitchen? Look no further than our Newlywood Set. Whether you need a unique gift, want to style your new home with sustainable goods or just treat yourself to a functional piece of art, this set offers the exceptional opportunity to invest in a lifetime of inspired cooking. 

This set has the perfect mix of cooking implements whether you’re an amateur home cook or an expert chef. From wooden spatulas, tasting spoons, to classic servers, this bundle has everything you need to whip up delicious meals on the daily! 

Our minimalist set of cooking utensils will inspire you to cook more. Each piece is handcrafted from durable hardwoods and designed to be fully functional. It’s this perfect balance of beauty and function that makes our wooden utensils stand out! 

What I've got here is our biggest set we make, it's called the Newlywood Set. It is one of our concrete utensil holders and a hand-picked selection of some of our favorite utensils in here. Let me start from the biggest to the smallest. You've got our big classic ladle right here that's perfect for soups and any big hearty meals like that, gotta have one of those. We've got the long server which is just about the same length but a little bit shallower. You can use that for anything a bit thicker, serving casseroles, pasta salads, anything like that. Then you've got four of our tasting spoons in one of the each of the woods we use. And those are just kind of a fun utensil...personally I use mine for making smoothies in a blender they're perfect for that. They're perfect for big jars of iced tea or something like that and you can even eat with these things. They're pretty fun to get ice cream with so let's give that a shot. And then you've got our most useful set which is called The Essentials that one gives you the little hardwood spreader, the cast iron specialist which is our Tera Scraper and then two of our Large Flat Sautés which are our two favorite utensils. So these are the best two things we make you can't go wrong with having a couple of them in the kitchen. Then to put it all in you get the concrete utensil holder and this is made up in Montana by a friend of mine for us here Earlywood. It's got plenty of size to hold maybe 10-15 utensils and look great on your countertop and we even put a little sealer on here so if this is sitting next your stove and gets a couple of splashes on there that'll minimize the discoloration. The last thing about this is the cork bottom my friend Matt that makes these puts a cork bottom on there to make sure if you have a nice countertop that you don't want scratched up. This thing can sit there and not cause any damage. So we call this the Newlywood because we figure any set of newlyweds might want is for their kitchen and it's kind of like buy this once, stock out in your new kitchen with great utensils.

the best wooden utensils for cooking

This "plug and play" set of our favorite heirloom utensils includes:

- 2 Large Flat Sautes (use both as salad tongs).
- 1 Tera Scraper (perfect for cast-iron).
- 1 Large Spreader (from cake frosting to peanut butter).
- 1 Classic Ladle (a centerpiece for serving soup and chili).
- 1 Long Server (for serving everything else). 
- 1 set of 4 tasting spoons (just plain fun).
- 1 utensil holder of your choice.

Cook good food, share good food, eat good food.