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slotted serving spoon

Cut through the slop and get right to the meat and potatoes of things... literally. Our latest release, the wooden slotted spoon is here to add a bit more function to your kitchen utensil set. We added three slots to the big bowl of our tried and true Long Server. The handle of this sturdy wood spoon maintains a triangular cross-section which translates into a comfortable, stable grip when you need to dig deep into your home-cooked feasts. This slotted wooden spoon is perfect for dishing up just the right amount of sides or straining liquid from stews, potatoes, shrimp, veggies and the like.

- Wooden strainer spoon is built to last generations.
- Clean lines and beautiful design says "please display me on your counters at all times".
- Slotted design allows for liquids to pass through quickly. 
- Also available in a pair (one with slots, one without) HERE.


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