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unique, funky, special

One-of-a-Kind...just like you

No coupon needed! The maximum discount (up to 20% off) has already been applied to all items in the unique and funky section.

Natural character is what makes wooden utensils so unique! Our “Unique to you” items are just as beautiful and durable as our premium utensils. Variations may be more prominent but the price is outstanding!

The items in this collection just don't quite have the color we are looking for or are maybe a little off in size. Due to our high quality standards, this disqualifies them from regular sale.

The good news? 

You can pick these items up at a discount and still thoroughly enjoy them. All items in this collection are FINAL SALE. We will still warranty them if they crack or break because of something we missed, but we won't warranty them or accept returns because of color. 

Place your order, wait for the surprise, own some awesome hand-picked fun and funky utensils. 

NOTE: The product images are NOT an indication of exactly what you will receive. The beauty is in the surprise!  

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