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large spreader

*wood variations exist and your utensils may look different than images. more info here: the woods we use

The wide, sturdy edge of our large hardwood spreaders are built for spreading nut butter, frosting, cream cheese or hummus without having to double dip. These wood spreading knives are comfortable to hold and designed to last a lifetime. You are sure to find these wooden knives a straight-forward, workhorse in your kitchen. Purchase individually or save when you buy a set of four.

- Strong, unbendable construction.
- Made from a hand-curated selection of hardwoods.
- Scoops avocados, squashes and melons with ease.

Stirring natural peanut butter just got a whole lot easier! 

 size: 7.8 x 1.2 x 0.25

So this is the larger of the two spreaders that I that I make. This one's long enough to get into jars of anything you might be spreading peanut butter, jelly, honey, hummus, cream cheese and any every day spreading thing. My wife and I have two kids and at the end of any typical day of feeding ourselves and the kids, we might have seven or eight of these in our dish rack. We use these things all the time.

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