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wood wok spatula


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Wooden Wok Spatula

After our friend, Kenji Lopez-Alt published his new cookbook "The Wok", he asked us to design a spatula specific for wok cooking. We were honored to take on the task. Kenji has a unique ability to scientifically break down every detail of the cooking process with the goal of making great food. He brought that same skill and insight to the last five months of designing and refining, which has resulted in what we think is the perfect wooden wok spatula! 

A large wooden spatula is the most important tool you need for cooking in a wok. Kenji and Earlywood's design has a wide and curved head that fits absolutely perfectly in a 14" wok. It allows you to easily maneuver and flip large amounts of food with little effort. This wooden wok spatula is 16 inches long (to keep your hands safe) and made from hard maple. Making it the best wok spatula. 

Fun fact: this is the first Earlywood utensil that needed to be designed for righties and lefties! We've got you covered! 

Kenji's latest book "The Wok: Recipes and Techniques" is a masterpiece of not only recipes, but everything you need to know about wok cooking. Kenji dives into the science of wok cooking, Asian cooking techniques and mouth-watering recipes highlighting the versatility of the wok. His easy to follow recipes will have you tossing out your take out menu and tuning to your inner chef. 

*Books include a signed bookplate by author Kenji Lopez-Alt.  

Hey guys this is Brad from Earlywood here. What I'm holding in front of me is our wok spatula. We spent almost a year going back and forth on designs with Kenji Lopez Alt, the guy that literally wrote the book on The Wok and came up with this design to be perfect for cooking out of a wok. There's a number of things about it that came from him that make it so great. First of all is its length, it's 16 inches long and if you have cooked in a wok you know you want them super hot when you cook in there. So there could be oils and things splattering out that are super hot. So it's 16 inches, keeps you a long ways from getting hit by that stuff. The standard wok size... kind of a run-of-the-mill wok size, is a 14 inch wok. And we designed this corner here to exactly fit in a 14 inch wok. So when you're coming around the outside or scooping something up you're making contact with the entire spatula all the time. So it's great for moving stuff around quick when it's that hot and it's got a huge surface area here. So you've got plenty of front there to pick things up and serve right out of the wok. Up until now we have made all of our utensils ambidextrous, so someone who's right-handed or left-handed could use them exactly the same. This is the first time we've ever made a right hand and a left hand due to the kind of asymmetrical shape here, you just can't get the function if you make it work for both at the same time. And it was definitely worth it you'll find that out if you get one and use it in your wok. thank you

Wood Wok Spatula

- light and agile

- perfect for high heat, quick cooking in a smoking hot wok

- raised bump on the bottom of the handle makes picking it up easier and keeps tasty juices from running down to the handle while resting next to your wok

- designed by Earlywood... and the guy that literally wrote the book on wok cooking

- longer, wider, and better shaped than any other wok spatula out there

size: 16 x 4 x 0.75