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wooden salad bowl set (4 piece)


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wood salad bowl set

Wooden bowls are not just for large salads and serving dishes... you can enjoy wooden bowls with most every meal. Pick up this set of four bowls and add some comfort and class to your daily routine. 

These 6" bowls are sized just right for cereal, salads, sides, soup, rice, popcorn and snacks. They are also a great size for serving little additions at big gatherings. Serve it up in a wooden soup bowl, it adds a rustic feel to any warm meal. 

Perfectly imperfect: the wood grain and patterns for each bowl will vary from the others in the set because each piece is unique.

- Hand wash with hot soapy water and oil when necessary. 

- Click here to watch a video on wooden bowl care.

size: 6 x 2.25

Bowl Dimensions are approximate... but pretty close.

All right, you've got your 11 inch bowl it's brand new you just made the best salad ever or you've got it in your big 14 because you're having a huge party, you got a problem though you got this epic salad you've got all your friends over and you've got nothing to put their salad in. That's where the six inch bowls come in. These are just perfect for a normal size adult for a serving salad or a side of any sort so they just kind of go together. That's why we sell them in these sets. We also sell this 11 inch as a set with some six inch bowls so you don't have the same problem there. Now we sell these in a couple different combinations get the 14 with four sixes you get the 14 with six sixes you get the 11 with two sixes you get the 11 with four sixes or you get four sixes by themselves. Think about a little bowl of yogurt in the morning with the sunrise in one of these babies it's just kind of nice. So don't leave your new 11 inch bowl or your 14 inch bowl all lonely by itself sitting on the table with this big salad. Match it with some six inchers... it's like beers without friends, I mean do the big bowl a favor and buy it as a set. oh man