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Wooden Salt Cup


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Cute, functional and well crafted, I love these salt cups! This is my second set of 5 and I use them for infused salts, regular salt, and, most importantly, gifts. They make such creative host gifts and/or regular gifts. I include a bag of flakey sea salt with them and it’s a big hit!

small wood salt cup

We just love these perfect little round cups made from hard maple. They are great to keep next to the stove for a salt cellar or a clean, simple way to store your commonly used spices or "herbs".

These aren't huge, but that's what makes them sweet! The wood cup is approximately 2.5" in diameter and 2" tall and they hold 1/2C of whatever you want to put in there. They come with a cork top to keep contents fresh. They are close, but... no two are exactly alike.

We've been using ours for salt mainly, but get creative... think spices, herbs, jewelry, tea, etc. These would also make great stocking stuffers for the cook in your life. 

We are working on making these a full time addition, but for now these will be available until... they're not! If you want one or a couple of these to keep your spices at the ready you will need to move quick, they won't last long. Sold as singles and a set of five.

Hey guys this is Brad from Earlywood here. In front of me I've got our salt cups. We started making these sometime last year when a guy in the shop here, Jeff, came up with this idea and made a few for himself. We liked them so much we thought we would make a few and release them as a special release. When we did that, we sold 300 in 8 hours and we sold out immediately. So with all of that success we're going to add them to the product line permanently. Now let me tell you about them, they're made out of hard maple, one solid piece of hard maple of course. As is everything we make. They hold a little more than a half a cup of whatever you want to put in there and they come with this nice tapered cork on top and that thing just fits right in there nicely and keeps whatever you've got in there. We've been using ours for as a kind of a salt pig or a salt cup. We keep it set right next to us on the stove so you've always got your salt right there. But it doesn't have to be salt, if there's any spice you use on the barbecue, your favorite spice, your favorite whatever it happens to be, always have it within arm's reach and get that on that dish and make it taste great. No need to put it anywhere when you're done, they're cute little guys so just leave it on your counter and it'll look great forever. So pick up one or two of these and always have the right spice at the right time. thanks guys.