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Now serving: the little ones in your life

August 13, 2014 0 Comments

If you haven't noticed, at Earlywood we're constantly coming up with new designs, and today, we're thrilled to introduce our latest (and most highly anticipated) designs yet - the baby and toddler spoons!

The Toddler Spoon (top) and the Baby Spoon (bottom)

Like everything we make, our baby spoons are thoroughly tested and crafted for real, everyday use. Our in-house testing panel includes 28-month old Clara and 11-month old Clark, my two children. For little Clark, who just started eating solids – well, the mushy version of solids – we use the baby spoon. The bowl on it is just an inch wide and perfectly designed for younger babies who can't fit a big kid spoon in their mouths. Clara is feeding herself now, and she is constantly using her customized toddler spoons. They measure seven inches in length, with a bowl that’s an inch and a quarter wide. Its handle is thicker and longer, making it easy for her clumsy little hands to grasp.


On top of all of that great functionality, we offer custom engraving in your choice of three different fonts.

These unique baby spoons will celebrate any new baby and are the perfect baby shower or first birthday gift!
Like all Earlywood utensils, they’re available in a variety of hardwoods.  

Check them out here!