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The Trifecta, an instant classic.

December 11, 2012 0 Comments

One step in the design process here at Earlywood is to define how and why traditional wooden spoons fall short when it comes to many common cooking tasks. Once the downfall is identified, the next step is to design a tool that will excel at that task, while maintaining a form that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable in the hand.  The reasonably priced Trifecta is the result of 3 such iterations of our design process. It scrapes, spreads, and stirs better than any traditional wooden spoon can.

- The L Flat Sauté paddle is perfect for stirring nearly everything we cook.  It is 13" long, which allows it to keep the cook's hand far from the heat and provide more projected surface area (pardon the specifics, but I am a mechanical engineer after all) than a regular wooden spoon, so they mix up your dinners quicker and more efficiently.  The radius at the front corner of the L Flat Sauté is also smaller than that of a regular bowled wooden spoon, thus allowing you to get into those previously unreachable tight pan corners.

- The Tera Scraper, with a straight front edge is designed to remove the stubborn, yet tasty morsels of food stuck to the bottom of your pan.  Ever tried scraping polenta or salmon off the bottom of a cast-iron pan with a regular wooden spoon?  What takes 50 scrapes with a spoon, will take 5 with the wide path of the Tera Scraper.

- The third musketeer, the Large Spreader, makes easy work of spreading thick dips, cutting cheeses, and handling all other spreadables from hummus and brie to peanut butter and jelly. All tasks which are pointless to even try with a traditional wooden spoon.

We are told over and over again by customers that these are the first tools they reach for when they begin to cook. You know, they’re our favorites too.

You save $1 each when these 3 are bought as the Trifecta and they were Earlywood’s best seller last year. Even in our enthusiasm to release the ladle and servers last month, we wanted to be sure to remind you about these handy and hardworking utensils.  Judging by our success at the Made Fair in Missoula, Montana last weekend, we're wondering if the reminder is even necessary.

We sell sets (with the $1 off each piece discount) of Flat sautés and spreaders in an assortment of sizes and wood types.  Of course, they are always available here on our website.


Happy Holidays from us!