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Proudly Local: 20+ Kitchen Utensils & Accessories Truly Made in the USA

June 29, 2021 0 Comments

Kitchen utensils made in the USA

Mastered the art of cooking brisket to tender perfection? Got your chicken pot pie recipe down to a tee? Well, if you love whipping up American classics, don’t you think you deserve the finest cooking spoons, spatulas and other implements as well? 

Kitchen utensils made in the USA are far superior than their mass-produced counterparts. Just like your favorite classic American dish, a cooking tool made in the US is unparalleled when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. 

That goes for Earlywood’s wooden spoons and servers, along with our newly released hardwood bowls! Of course we also love sharing the spotlight on other local small businesses that create proudly American-made kitchen accessories. That’s why we rounded up a list of these kitchen essentials that will inspire you to embrace the all-American in you!

Why Do Kitchen Utensils Made in the USA Matter?

Here at Earlywood, we firmly believe that the tools and utensils we use can make a huge impact on our cooking. If we can spend a little more on the ingredients we use, why not extend the same effort to the things we cook with? Here are our top reasons why American-made is essential when choosing your next set of kitchen cookware: 

1. Crafted from the Heart - We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: cooking utensils made in the USA are exemplary when it comes to their quality. Take our very own wooden utensils for example. Premium materials and carefully thought-out design aside, we know that craftsmanship is what makes a wooden utensil stand out from the rest. Our master woodworkers use their skills to create pieces that are every bit as beautiful as they are functional. 

2. Keeps the Tradition Alive - Whenever you purchase a wooden utensil from Earlywood, you’re helping to preserve the traditional art of woodworking. Say you purchase a ceramic crock from a local artisan or a dish towel from Etsy… you’re helping uphold crafts such as pottery and weaving as well! Similar to a favorite recipe, traditional crafts are part of the American identity and culture so it’s important to pass these skills from one generation to the next. 

3. Supports the Economy - Purchasing products made right here at home means you’re helping support the local economy and not some massive international corporation elsewhere. It produces a domino effect - the money stays within the community, which in turn creates more local jobs and on a national level, helps generate tax revenue. Win, win, win!

4. Livin’ La Vida Local - Behind every small business is a family. You’re not just supporting the economy, you’re also helping mom and dad put food on the family table, send kids to school or pay for their mortgage and bills. Purchasing from a small business like Earlywood also means that you’re helping us employ awesome and talented local workers (9 currently) here in our small mountain town of Red Lodge, Montana.

5. Better for the Environment - Finally, purchasing a high quality product made in the USA is more sustainable compared to buying from overseas. For instance, here at Earlywood, we make heirloom quality, buy-me-once products that last a lifetime. We like to buy quality once rather than buy cheap over and over again. Curious about our sustainability policy? Click here to learn more about it!

Our Favorite American-Made Kitchen Utensils

Ready to upgrade your kitchen with top notch made in the USA utensils and accessories? Take a peek at some of our favorite cooking tools that are proudly American made below:

Kitchen Utensils & Cookware

1. Earlywood’s Trifecta - Founded in the small mountain town of Red Lodge in Montana, we have been crafting minimalist and functional wooden utensils since 2010. This 3-piece wooden utensil set is perhaps the best way to get acquainted with Earlywood! It includes 1 Large Flat Sauté (the ultimate multi-tasker), 1 Tera Scraper (designed for tough tasks) and 1 Large Spreader (for spreading mayo, peanut butter or frosting). This is the perfect combination of utensils for all types of cooking!

Wooden kitchen utensils made in America
**Thanks to Amy from @simpleandsweetfood for this photo!

2. Liberty Flatware Kensington - Managed by Sherrill Manufacturing, Liberty Flatware is the only flatware manufacturer in the USA. It is based in Sherrill, NY which is also known as The Silver City and yes, once the home of flatware giant Oneida before they moved their operations overseas. They source and process their stainless steel locally. Same goes for their polishing compounds and packaging. They stand by their products and offer a 25-year warranty! Read their inspiring story right here.

Liberty Flatware for kitchen made in America

3. NW KnifeWorks G-Fusion - New West KnifeWorks is a Wyoming based company that we’ve worked with in the past. Their journey to create the ultimate chef knife culminates with their G-Fusion Series. A collection of premium knives made to surpass the sharpness, strength and beauty of your regular kitchen knives. All their knives and handles are 100% made in the USA, with locally sourced materials and a lifetime guarantee.

Kitchen knives made in America

4. Heritage Steel Shallow Wok - There’s stainless steel cookware and then there’s 5-ply stainless steel cookware. When it comes to the latter, Heritage Steel is the expert. This small, family-owned business in Clarksville, TN manufactures premium cookware such as woks, fry pans and skillets. They use a special grade, titanium strength stainless steel combined with pure aluminum for their cookware for unrivaled durability, stability and efficient heating. We also love the fact that their employees have been working with them since the beginning of the business until today!

Stainless steel cooking wok made in the USA

5. All-Clad Nonstick Fry Pan (12”) - This Pennsylvania-based company has been crafting non-stick, stainless and ceramic cookware since 1971. They have a wide range of specialty kitchenware you can choose from. This nonstick fry pan from their stainless steel collection is such a versatile piece for your kitchen and works great for all types of stovetops (gas, induction or electric). Most of their cookware are proudly American made (including this nonstick frying pan) but some of their other products are made overseas.

Nonstick stainless frying pan manufactured in the US

Baking Essentials

1. Earlywood’s French Rolling Pin - Baking will never be the same once you’ve tried our French Rolling Pin. The tapered, agile design provides maximum control for perfectly rolled dough every time! Choose from our selection of hardwoods - jatoba, hard maple or a combination of both - and start baking like a pro.

Tapered wooden rolling pin made in the USA

2. Crosby & Taylor Measuring Spoons - Located in Oregon, Crosby & Taylor are makers of artisanal pewter kitchen products. They’ve been in the business for 35 years! Deborah is the master pewter smith and crafts beautiful pieces out of metal. We’re eyeing this gorgeous set of Honeybee Measuring Spoons! They have plenty of other cute designs and make the perfect gifts for bakers.

American-made handcrafted measuring spoons

3. Great Jones Holy Sheet Baking Dish - If you’ve lurked around Instagram for cookware, you might have seen this up and coming brand. We know we can’t be the only ones obsessed with their collection of fun and aesthetic cookware! Founded by two best friends (Sierra and Maddy) in 2018, this all-women brand creates pots, pans and dishware that looks as good as they are functional. The Holy Sheet Baking Dish is perhaps one of our faves and bakes goodies really well thanks to its non-stick surface. Love the witty name too!

**Please note that not all their products are made in the USA (some are designed here and manufactured overseas).

Great Jones Holy Sheet Baking Dish

4. KitchenAid Stand Mixer - Yes, this beloved kitchen staple is still largely American made. The KitchenAid Stand Mixers have been manufactured and assembled in their Greenville, Ohio factory since 1941. If you’re a newbie to the world of stand mixers, it can get pretty overwhelming especially with lots of models to choose from. The good thing though is that they have a range of stand mixers for both newbie and professional bakers alike! 

**Please note that some parts used in KitchenAid Stand Mixers are manufactured overseas.

Kitchen stand mixer made in the USA

5. Nordic Ware 6-Piece Mixing Bowl Set - Nordic Ware is a Minnesota-based family business specializing in kitchenware products. They have an expansive product line but are best known for their famous Bundt Pan! From cookie stamps, cake pans, to mixing bowls (our personal favorite), they got a lot of goodies to complete your baking collection.

Cute baking mixing bowls made in the USA

Bowls, Plates & Serveware

1. Earlywood’s Wooden Bowl Set - The newest addition to our collection is this 4-piece Wooden Bowl Set. Just think of the many ways you can use each piece - from serving salads, food prep, to feeding your baby - the possibilities are endless. These bowls are made from elegant hard maple (sourced locally) which is very sturdy and durable.

Wooden bowl handcrafted in the US

2. Earlywood’s Serving Spoon Set - What’s a dinner party without our Serving Spoon Set? This set includes 3 servers handcrafted from your choice of hardwood (jatoba or hard maple). No matter how formal or casual your gathering, this 3-piece bundle will fit right in. Use the Classic Ladle for your soups and stews, the Long Server is great for all those side dishes and finally, the Short Server is our go-to for serving sauces.

American-made wooden utensils serving spoon set

3. East Fork Shallow Dinner Set - East Fork Pottery is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Alex and Connie Matisse. Coming from a long line of artists, it was inevitable for Alex to get into the world of art. But he has found success in a totally different field: the art of pottery. They create beautiful ceramic kitchenware out of their small factory in Asheville, North Carolina.

East Fork ceramic kitchenware made in the USA

4. Annieglass Roman Antique Glass Chip & Dip Bowl - Annie creates masterpieces out of glass which are quite stunning, sophisticated and a little bit edgy. She’s well known for her Roman Antique series - luxury dinnerware pieces, with rims hand painted in precious metals. Her glassware are truly works of art, used in upscale hotels such as the Bellagio and Four Seasons, and even showcased in the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC.

Roman Antique glassware made in the USA

5. Hanselmann Casserole Dish - Meet Hanselmann Pottery, a cozy little studio and gallery in a little corner of Corrales Road in New Mexico, just a 30-minute drive from Albuquerque. Since 1970, they have been crafting mugs, bowls and plates through a process called throwing. This Lidded Casserole Dish is one of the newest additions to their collection and just perfect for serving savory casserole!

Lidded casserole dish made in the USA

Kitchen Organizers & Others

1. Earlywood’s Concrete Utensil Holder - Naturally you need an elegant home for all your wooden utensils like our Concrete Utensil Holder. This beautiful kitchen organizer caddy is crafted in the USA by the best fishermen in the state of Montana (aka Matt, the founder of Angle33!). Made from a unique blend of polymer and concrete, this utensil holder is very sturdy and can hold your cooking spatula, spoon, servers, etc. with ease. The minimalist design allows it to fit in just about any kitchen style whether rustic, modern, farmhouse or traditional!

American-made concrete utensil organizer holder

2. Angle 33 Wine Thermals - Angle 33 is founded in Missoula, Montana by our good friend, Matt and his wife, Marge. With his experience in the flatwork industry, Matt sought out new ways to utilize concrete and came up with the Wine Thermal! An awesome way to keep your wine (and other beverages) chilled while being displayed on your kitchen counter. If their products look a wee bit familiar, that’s because they also make Earlywood’s Concrete Utensil Holder. Find their selection of concrete organizers here.

Wine Thermal made in the USA

3. Liberty Flatware Organizer - The perfect way to organize your precious flatware! This handmade flatware organizer makes organizing your cutlery so effortless. Crafted from hard maple, it’s very durable and the separate compartments make finding your spoons, forks and knives very easy.

Wooden flatware organizer manufactured in US

4. Design Trifecta 360 Knife Block - This rotating knife block from Design Trifecta is a great way to showcase your knife collection! Designed and handcrafted in San Francisco, CA, the 360 Knife Block has a stylish hourglass shape and strategically embedded magnets to hold your knives or any other metal kitchen tool. Choose from their selection of woods including ebonized walnut and bubinga.

Magnetic rotating knife block handcrafted in the USA

5. House of Noa Nama Standing Mat - From the makers of the Little Nomad Play Mat comes this Nama Standing Mat for the kitchen. Available in a variety of chic designs, this standing mat is heirloom quality, cushiony and easy to clean. It’s an anti-fatigue and stylish rug rolled into one!

Stylish mat made in US for kitchen

6. Montana Block Co. Butcher Block - Montana Block is a small, family-owned business based in Billings, MT. It’s managed by husband and wife duo, Mitchell and Brittany, along with their 2 adorable daughters! They specialize in making high quality butcher blocks, charcuterie trays, bread boards and more. Each piece is crafted by hand and all the materials they use are sourced and produced in the USA.

Charcuterie tray handcrafted in the US

7. Chef Specialties Pepper Mill - Established in 1940, Chef Specialties is America’s first pepper mill manufacturer. Their product line includes a wide range of pepper mills varying in materials, design, finishes and sizes. Everything is hand assembled in their small factory in Smethport, Pennsylvania. Our personal favorite is this gorgeous pepper mill in ebony which can be customized with a monogram!

Elegant ebony pepper mill handcrafted in America

See, you have plenty of options when gearing up your kitchen with the best utensils and accessories that are proudly made in the USA! From Earlywood’s very own hardwood utensils to cutlery, skillets, baking essentials, and kitchen organizers… It’s so easy to support local artisans by purchasing these American-made cooking accessories. 

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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