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Our Favorite Kitchen Utensil Organizers

March 25, 2021 0 Comments

Concrete utensil holder for kitchen organization

Our Favorite Kitchen Utensil Organizers

Been spending a lot of time in your kitchen these days? No matter how big or small your kitchen is, keeping it organized is a must. It just makes meal prep and cooking smoother when all things are in their own little place. If you’re a little obsessed with cooking utensils (like we are) and organization, then you’re in for quite a treat. We rounded up some of our favorite kitchen utensil organizers for a clutter-free and tidy cooking space. Let’s get organized!

4 Useful Organizing Tips for the Kitchen

Utensils, plates, glasses, etc. organized in kitchen

Before you get too excited shopping for cute organizers and storage stuff, first you need to assess and evaluate the current situation of your kitchen. Here are some tips to get you on the right track:

1. Get rid of clutter - The first thing you need to do is to purge your kitchen. Seriously, how many dishes or extra coffee mugs does your family need? If it takes you more than a few minutes to clear up your kitchen, it might be because it’s time for a long-overdue declutter. Toss (or donate) any duplicates, unnecessary items (egg cooker, really?) and broken gadgets. Consider that less is more when it comes to decluttering your kitchen. 

2. Arrange by category - Once you’ve downsized your collection, it’s time to organize your kitchen utensils by type, similarity or use. For example, bakeware items like your French rolling pin, baking pans, spreaders, etc. can be stored together for easy retrieval whenever you’re baking bread or other goodies. Similarly, dishware such as plates and glasses are best stored together since these are utilized on a daily basis.

Utensils, plates, glasses, etc. organized by category in kitchen

3. Utilize odd spaces - Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t actually need a big space to have a functional kitchen. It’s really about working around what you already have and maximizing your current kitchen space area. For instance, you can use hooks, pegboards or floating shelves to utilize unused wall space. You can also use shelf risers or expanders to maximize vertical cabinet space. 

4. Location is key - Did you know that your kitchen can be divided into five work zones? You have the prep zone, cleaning zone, consumables zone, non-consumables zone and cooking zone. When organizing your kitchen utensils, you should store items close to their related zones as much as possible. This will improve your cooking flow and make preparing things way easier. You can read more about it here.

Woman placing cooking pan on shelf 

Best Utensil Organizers for a Neat and Tidy Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen organized can be very challenging. With all the cookware, utensils, dishware, bakeware, not to mention the food and containers, it might feel like you have a lot on your plate before you even get started. But don’t you worry, organizing your cooking space just got a whole lot easier with these practical and fun storage ideas!

No More Drawer Eyesore

Got a drawer full of spoons, forks and more but no way to keep them all sorted out and organized? Ever spent what seems like forever digging for matching pieces of silverware? We’ve been there and definitely done that! Utensil drawers can be incredibly overwhelming and frustrating. But trust us, keeping drawers neat and organized is not just gratifying... it makes finding utensils way easier and saves you a lot of trouble. Here are some drawer organization ideas you’ll love: 

✔️ Basic & Simple: Cleverbrand’s Cork Shelf Liner

Kitchen drawer organized with Cleverbrand’s Cork Shelf Liner

A shelf liner is a quick and easy organizing solution for a messy kitchen drawer (or any drawer for that matter). This one from Cleverbrand is made from 100% cork which means that it is mold-resistant, absorbs moisture and is sustainable. It will also prevent your utensils from slipping or rolling around inside the drawer. Great for organizing any odd-sized drawer because you can easily cut the liner according to its size. 

👍 Our Top Choice: KonMari’s Flatware Organizer

Cutlery organizer from The Container Store x KonMari

This cutlery organizer from The Container Store x KonMari will certainly spark joy. If you’re a big fan of the popular organizing guru, Marie Kondo, then you’ll love this handmade bamboo utensil tray as well. It has a variety of compartments with removable dividers so you can fit utensils of all shapes and sizes. With this utensil organizer, there’s a place for all your flatware while the bamboo adds a nice, elegant touch to your kitchen.

All Your Knives in One Place

Chef’s knife, cheese knife, cleaver… If you have an assortment of knives, then you need a place to keep them all safe while looking sharp. Since knives come in different styles and designs, you need a versatile organizer that can handle them all! A classic knife block works but if you feel like you need an organizing upgrade, try out these options: 

✔️ Basic & Simple: Victorinox In-Drawer Knife Organizer

In-drawer knife organizer from Victorinox

This compact organizer can fit up to 7 knives and can be tucked neatly into any kitchen drawer. It keeps your knives from rolling around and prevents you from accidentally grabbing one by the blade. If you want to keep your counters clear and your drawer organized, this minimalist knife organizer is definitely a great option.

👍 Our Top Choice: New West KnifeWorks Knife Magnet

New West KnifeWorks magnetic strip for knives

Don’t have enough space on your counter or kitchen drawers? Why not use this wooden knife magnet strip instead? This ingenious organizer can be attached to the wall saving you precious space while also making sure that your knives are still easily accessible. The strong magnet can hold a variety of knives, even your large chef’s knife, and keeps them out of the way but easy to grab when needed!

The Cooking Utensils Dilemma

Got quite the collection of wooden utensils? Well, we can’t blame you, they’re really fun and versatile tools for the kitchen! These babies need their own home in your kitchen. When they’re all in one place, it’s so much easier to find what you need when you’re preparing meals. Here are some of our favorite organization ideas for wooden spoons, spatulas, ladles and more:

✔️ Basic & Simple: Hanging Utensil Rod with Leather Straps

Hanging kitchen utensil organizer

This clever hanging rod is a quick and easy way to keep your utensils organized and upgrade your kitchen’s look at the same time. It includes two leather straps, one wooden dowel and screws for assembling everything. It’s very easy to install and instantly elevates your kitchen’s decor. You can use it to hang your cooking utensils, measuring spoons, etc. Of course, not all utensils have holes to hang from, so proceed with caution.

👍 Our Top Choice: Earlywood’s Concrete Utensil Holder

Concrete kitchen utensil caddy organizer

If you’re looking for a sturdy and functional caddy for all your kitchen utensils, look no further than our very own Concrete Utensil Holder. This is a step up from your regular utensil crock. It’s made from a durable concrete, fiber and polymer blend. It’s heavy so it won’t tip over even when filled with your favorite spoons, spatulas and serving spoons. Plus, the lovely, utilitarian design fits any kitchen style whether farmhouse, industrial, modern or rustic!

No Pots or Pans Left Behind

Daily cooking essentials such as pots and pans are often overlooked. No matter how carefully you stacked them inside a drawer, you’re bound to make a mess when getting the bottom-most pan. And where do the lids even go?? If you struggle with cookware organization, here are some products that might help you keep your pots and pans finally organized:

✔️ Basic & Simple: Yamazaki Expandable Cookware Organizer

Kitchen cookware expandable rack organizer

This steel organizer from Yamazaki is perfect for countertops, shelves or even drawers. It’s fully adjustable and can accommodate cookware in varying sizes. It works great for lids and covers as well to keep them organized or at least easy to grab when needed. This is such a simple yet practical solution that makes a world of difference when organizing your kitchen!

👍 Our Top Choice: Enclume’s Cookware Stand

Kitchen cookware stand organizer

Looking for a special rack for all your precious Le Creuset and All Clad cookware? This beautiful, handcrafted 6-tier standing rack from Enclume is a great way to organize and display your valuable pots and pans. It frees up a lot of drawer space and takes up very little space in your kitchen while providing enough storage for your bigger cookware.

Maximize Deep Drawer Space

Do you have deep drawers in your kitchen? They can be challenging to organize and difficult to keep neat and tidy. Bins are okay but make it hard to see things stacked at the bottom. Here are some organizing ideas that help maximize space in deep drawers: 

✔️ Basic & Simple: Neat Method Deep Drawer Dividers

Deep drawer dishware bamboo organizer

Without any organization system, deep drawers are prone to clutter and mess. These dividers from Neat Method allow you to split any deep drawer into different compartments. Unlike regular bins, you can adjust how large or small each section can be depending on the items you’re placing inside. This is a quick and easy organizing solution that doesn't require any assembly at all!

👍 Our Top Choice: Cassity 2-Tier Sliding Pull-Out Drawer

Deep drawer pull-out rack organizer for kitchen

Looking for an organizing solution that is more efficient? This double-basket sliding shelf from Cassity is perfect for deep cabinets with undefined spaces. It’s made from metal and can be easily installed into the bottom of your cabinet. There are two layers for all your kitchen essentials and the full extension slides all the way out so you can easily access the items inside. Great for medium to large size cookware!

Organizing your cooking area doesn’t have to be complicated or scary with these tips and storage ideas. You don’t even need a major overhaul to enjoy your space. All you need is a bit of creativity and simple organizing tools (like our Concrete Utensil Holder) to help you maximize your kitchen’s space and potential. Happy organizing!

Organize Your Wooden Utensils with This Concrete Caddy


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