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butcher block oil

Our wooden spoon oil is a food-safe blend of low-viscosity mineral oil and organic lemon peel oil.  The super low viscosity oil (it pours like water) will penetrate the extremely hard and tight pored woods we make our kitchen utensils out of to a depth that your standard thick mineral oil just can't do.  The organic lemon peel oil is not only refreshing to smell, but its' antimicrobial properties will help keep your utensils safe for years to come.  It is the perfect add-on for an Earlywood gift and a staple to have around any house with wood items in the kitchen.  Use it on everything Earlywood, wood cutting boards, thick chopping blocks, and all other wooden utensils.

- For best results: apply liberally, let sit overnight, wipe off excess. 

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We get asked why we use mineral oil in our Earlywood oil. We chose mineral oil because it works on everything all the time. Other oils like olive oil say, you can use on a wooden utensil especially one you're gonna be washing all the time because if you're washing it all the time it doesn't stay there long enough to for any of its negative properties to come out. But if you use it on say a cutting board it doesn't get washed all the time or sits around for a while it can dry up which will make it kind of sticky, it can turn yellow over time. It can also turn rancid which will make it smell, so you don't want any of that happening. And you never get that with this so whether you're trying to treat your wooden utensils, your cutting board, your wood knife handles, or plastic knife handles for that matter... Earlywood oil works every time.

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