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Kitchen utensils with work ethic

November 19, 2012 0 Comments

When we considered our new product line for fall 2012, we went to the hardest-working utensils in the kitchen. We were looking to redesign the tools with heft, the tools that might not be used daily, but needed the strength and visual aesthetic our woods could provide. With that in mind, we introduce the long and short server and the classic ladle.

Our timing for launching these sturdy spoons and ladles is no accident. Last year, they topped the list of most-requested products. Now, we’re hoping you’ll add them to your collection in time to use them for all the heavy lifting at your holiday dinners.

The long server is available in hard maple, jatoba, bloodwood, and Peruvian walnut. We designed it with a triangular-shaped  handle to keep it from spinning in your hand as you stir. The short server is available in hard maple, jatoba, and bloodwood. Both are perfect for scooping mashed potatoes, digging into casseroles and stirring hearty soups and stews.

The classic ladle, offered in hard maple and jatoba, has a handle designed to be just long enough to reach the bottom of a deep pot without being cumbersome. Its generous bowl has a thick, slightly-cupped lip – perfect for drip-free serving both at the table and stove-side. We have found this ladle to be perfect for this fall’s first batch of chili, and with the colder months still to come, we’re sure to use it again and again.

In our design and testing process, we were impressed at the versatility of these new utensils, and we think you’ll be surprised how often you use them. Like every design at Earlywood, the servers and the ladle were crafted to rest easily in your hand, look beautiful on your table and last a lifetime.

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