long bread board

Add one of these handmade cutting boards to your kitchen for a taste of the old world and a hint of modern simplicity. Inspired by classic bread boards from centuries ago (when breadboards were made for pulling bread from the oven), the Earlywood laminated hardwood full-taper bread/cutting board is as useful as it is beautiful. 

Try pulling a loaf of hot bread from your oven, cutting it, then serving it to your friends all without even taking the bread off the board!

    • thin tip to slide under bread or pizzas 
    • full-length taper to keep board lightweight
    • hole in handle for hanging on your wall
    • glued with food-safe, waterproof glue
    • edge-grain construction for durability and stability  

size: 22.3 x 7.3 x 0.75 (tapered)

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